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[Job Opening] Resource Developer for Mainland China FIRs

Brendan Chen 943434

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Brendan Chen 943434

Hi all,


As some of you might already know, airspace in mainland China's development is back on track and making reasonable progress. Unfortunately, our progress is limited by the availabilities and responsibilities of the staff, and majority of our developers are heavily occupied with real world commitments. In response to this issue, we would like to seek for individuals who are willing to contribute a portion of their spare time to our resource development.


Currently, the most required positions are Sector File developers, Aeronautical Chart developers (addressed in THIS thread) and a Website Advisor (whom may eventually become the webmaster).


Below are the selection criteria for the positions:

Sector File Developer

  • Have basic understanding of Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colour coding system.
  • Have basic understanding of World Coordinate System (Latitude & Longitude).
  • Have a sense of responsibility, patience and perfection.
  • Have a copy of MSFS and FSUIPC installed or can be accessed easily.
  • It would be ideal to have some previous experiences in constructing or modifying ASRC/VRC sector (*.sct and/or *.sct2) files.


Although it would be great to have all those attributes above, but they are not mandatory. All training will be provided upon initial stage of development


Website Advisor

  • Important to have had experiences with website interface clients (e.g. Joomla, Mambo), experiences with Joomla has priority.
  • Important to have had administrative experiences with the forum solution phpBB.
  • Ideal to take interest in exploring new and different features offered by different extension packages for the website.


We are looking mostly for candidates who can contributes continuously on a weekly basis, and that regular communication can be established.


To show our gratitude for your work, your name will be publically acknowledged on our website along with the contribution you have made.


If anyone are interested, please either send me a PM, via our website 'Contact Us' section or simple just email me at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Past experience, and whether you need extended training
  • Your current timezone
  • Which position would you be interested for
  • How much time can you contribute to the development


Currently, there are no limits on the amount of staff we are willing to recruit.


Thank you for your attention.

Brendan Chen

VATPRC Tech Support

You make the difference!


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