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Correct Metric Flight Plan


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Hi there,


I doing my first Vatsim flight into the Ukraine today EGLL-UKBB, and I wanted to check that I was following the metric Flight levels correctly.


Here is my flightplan BPK UM185 CLN UL620 N426F350 BASNO UL603 ARNEM UP147 RKN UL980 LDZ UM70 TOLPA/K0789S1110 UM70 CH UA87 SL.


What i wanted to know was, is the yellow highlighted part of the flightplan correct? I checked the chart and I enter Ukranian airspace at TOLPA, so I need to climb to 11,100M or FL364, or do I have to climb before that? I.e when I enter Polish airspace.


any help would be appreciated as i would like to fly in again.


regards, Mark

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