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There is no limitation on how FSX, VRC, FSINN or Euroscope are built. Ross stated that VRC will only work with Fs9 if you want a twr view. Your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ertion that you will attempt to create a work around was bound to fail as already stated by ross.


Their is a solution Euroscope.


Failing that you can use the 3d twr view mode in VRC which is an excellent aid for those who wish to see the airfeild in that manner. I used it when I used VRC myself.




p.s. Why would having a twr view make it easier to work grd? as a grd controller you will have a representation of your airports smr, there is no need to have a 3d view of that to run a grd position.

Wycliffe Barrett: C3 Controller


"if god meant for us to fly, he would have given us tickets" Mel Brooks

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It may would make it easier visually as i like to work like that and further having FSX as a simulation that would make sense to use it in correspondence with VRC, its personal taste.


I am just starting so Euroscope i have not discovered entirely but it looks less appealing to me, however that is personal too.


You mean the 3d radar? Yes I am using that too, that is the best so far, back to the CGA times...

Thanks Wycliffe

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