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Navigation system on Wilco A320 goes nuts

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Every once in a while, particularly when I'm off course(usually because ATC decided to vector me for eternity), and I give the FMC a command to proceed direct to a waypoint(to return to the course) it will decided to head to TP, a new waypoint created at the planes present position it will list this point as over 100nm away and proceed to try to fly in a giant circle to head to it. I can delete TP, but then the next waypoint, although shown on the nav display in the correct place will be listed hundreds of NM away and the aircraft will try to turn around and apparently go in a giant circle to get there. This is impossible to correct for the rest of the flight. In addition , the flight plan lines on the nav display will often split and appear forked or simply look there are multiple lines branching off from each other.


When this happens, I can actually still follow the FP line on the screen, since the forks are generally behind me. However, I have to do this either manually, or by setting the heading, since the autopilot will attempt to turn around.


It is fully updated.

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