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Staff Vacancy - Director of Training (Kingston, Jamaica)

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External Vacancy No: MKJK-2010-03

Job: Director of Training

Grade: Senior Staff Position

Department: Training

Hours: Hours As Necessary

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Closing date: 27-Feb-2010



Job Purpose:

Managing the Training Department of Kingston FIR; To ensure the high quality of instruction is given to all Students; To ensure the high quality of ATC service is provided by existing Controllers and that they continuously perform above set standards; To select, train, guide, manage and ensure high quality of Instructors; Compliant with regulatory MKJK, VATSIM and VATCAR requirements and develops and updates the Training Programme reflecting industry best practice; The position reports to DATM.



Job Outline

  • To select, train, guide and manage Instructors and Mentors.
  • Clearly define roles, accountabilities and delivery standards of Instructors. Act as a coach / mentor as required.
  • In liaison with Instructors, ensure that all Students can schedule training without incurring any delay.
  • Liaise with VATCAR3 Training Administrator and VATCAR4 [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Training Administrator regarding training issues.
  • To update FIR Roster, and maintain a Training File for all Students and Controllers in the FIR.
  • To reply to "New Controller Application for MKJK" emails in a timely manner, and guiding new joiners in the initial indoctrination and setup.
  • To provide a brief written monthly summary of the developments in the Training Department to the DATM for submission to VATCAR.
  • Participate in and / or observe at various meetings, such as Training Department Meeting, FIR Meeting, VATCAR Meeting, etc.
  • Monitoring VATSIM trends in ATC training and promoting proposed changes to management, to keep Kingston FIR standards in line with, or better than, industry best practice.
  • Using all sources of information, identify, develop and promote improvements to the Kingston FIR Training Programme, including manuals and Sweatbox lessons.
  • To maintain continuous staff awareness in ATC matters, by providing controllers with appropriate, original ATC awareness material: e.g. videos, advice, tips and newsletters.
  • To administer Stage Checks, Recurrent Checks, Written Exams and other competency checks on new and existing Controllers.
  • To maintain, update, and optimise the Kingston FIR Exams Moodle Webpage to ensure that it is user friendly and benefits training.
  • To maintain an online presence above minimum required and ensure all instructors are equally active.



Critical Competencies

  • Attention to Detail and Quality
  • Patience
  • Organising for Results
  • Interpersonal Ability
  • Professionalism
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Strategic Thinking



Qualifications & Experience

  • Must resign from previous FIR and transfer to Kingston FIR for minimum a period of 1 year
  • Must hold an Instructor Rating with minimum 1 year experience as Instructor
  • Preference will be given to applicants who hold, or have held a staff position in a training department.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with Real World experience as ATC Instructors, Flight Instructors, Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with Real World experience in the education field.
  • Willing to acquire a comprehensive understanding of current Kingston FIR Training Programme, Manuals, Procedures and Policies.
  • A comprehensive understanding of VATSIM and VATCAR policies and procedures.
  • Excellent ability in technical report writing, in English
  • Basic computer literacy
  • No previous disciplinary history anywhere on the VATSIM network
  • Must have adequate free time available to perform above duties



Expression of Interest:

Submit the following to Kingston FIR DATM at [email protected]

  • A cover letter explaining how Kingston FIR will benefit from your tenure as Training Director
  • A resume listing experience and qualifications



This position is open to both external and internal candidates. For internal requirements see vacancy MKJK-2010-03

ATM - Kingston FIR (Jamaica)


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