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Charts for the Caribbean

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I am having dificulty getting charts for the Caribbean. I had in my Favs ,prior, some links for charts for such places as MWCR (Grand Cayman) and other places. When I go to the link now it takes me to Vatsim??--It did not do this before the "new" Vatsim page was initiated.


When I get to the Vatsim page there is difficulity getting charts


The new Vatsim format is good, however, there is essentially no charts on it now. There are a few there but very limited.


I sent a email to Mr. Wollenbergh explaining my plight and he was gracious enough to answer my query, however, he even said there were some problems with charts on Vatsim as of now.


Anty ideas for me as far as getting Charts for the Carribean.


Thanks for any help here

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