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VATRUS upcoming fly-in announcements

Yuri Trunov 822781

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Dear Colleagues,


AirBridgeCargo Virtual www.abc-va.ru would like to invite all VATSIM members to a group flight to celebrate its 1-year anniversary of service! The flight will leave Moscow Sheremetyevo UUEE for Frankfurt EDDF airport on January 8, 2016, at 15z.. All virtual airlines are welcomed!


Suggested route:



Distance 1111.8 nautical miles

Roman Savel, VATRUS 4 - Air Traffic Director

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Minsk FIR, Belarus, calling all VATSIM members! Maxim Gerasimov will be undergoing his GND examination on

September 23, 2016, from the hours of 17-20z.. Please fly from/to UMMS and help Maxim to gain his STU2 rating!

All pilots are welcomed!


UMMS Scenery: FS2004, FSX P3D, X-Plane


Charts: UMMS

Roman Savel, VATRUS 4 - Air Traffic Director

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Dear friends!


New Year is coming, so it is time to sum everything up and give a nice goodbye to leaving 2016. The members of Moscow ACC of VATRUS division invite you to celebrate catholic Christmas and greet the upcoming New Year in the skies of Moscow while participating in the last event of 2016.


Domodedovo airport is one of three main airports of Moscow Area Center, also being a so called "major area", which means it has some peculiarities. Indeed, there are no ends of them - the only airport in Russia having two runways with an option of parallel take-offs and landings, САТIIIА approaches. Moreover, this is the only airport certified for regular flights of a giant A380. Airport serves more than 80 airlines, providing a network of nearly 250 cities around the globe.


Consequently it was an enormous interest for our team to use this aerodrome as a place for the next event of beloved RealOps format. However, this time we decided to slightly convert it by adding a few real-schedule flights operated not in the simulated period of time, thus getting something unique between RealOps and Overload. So, on the last Sunday of the year 2016 we invite you to visit Domodedovo OverReal event!


On the December 25th, starting from 13:00UTC take a seat in the cockpit of your favourite aircraft, get the charts ready, load p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers and cargo and come fly to Domodedovo! Please note, that the winter in Russia is proving its name, so do not forget to full your tanks with good extra and have the aircraft de-iced prior to take-off! The Moscow FIR ATC team of professionals will do their best to minimize the delays, but the are a bunch of factors to interfere. Are you ready for this challenge? Then you are more than welcome on the last 2016 event in VATRUS!


P.S. There are truly quite a lot of flights, so do not hesitate to take 2 or even 3!



Domodedovo UUDD charts, sceneries

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