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A strange Euroscope crash...

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Something strange happened...

I was manning EURE_FSS for over an hour and I was tracking 15 a/c. Suddenly a pilot started sending me messages on my frequency. A message consisted of the symbol "," and only of that symbol. The problem was that he was sending me cca 100 of those messages per second. My screen immediately filled with that message, my laptop froze, I couldn't do nothing... The next thing I know was that a dialog window appeared saying that euroscope needs to be closed because it has frozen...

But... When I restarted Euroscope, it was VERY slow, and there was no sound... I think that somehow that crash managed to destroy my settings file...

After a while I contacted the pilot in question as LDZO_CTR (not controlling though, since I can't hear no sound anymore; I contacted him as OBS):

  [17:38:13] >> hello
 [17:38:32] >> I'm the controller that was manning EURE_FSS before
O [17:38:36] LHA3563: hi
O [17:38:42] LHA3563: no sir, just had something on my keyboard without noticing, then i opend the chat and this happend, sorry for that
 [17:38:51] >> LOL
O [17:39:03] LHA3563: disregard that no sir ^^
 [17:39:07] >> LOL
 [17:39:16] >> I don't know from where to begin...
 [17:39:38] >> To say that you f*cked up my Euroscope would be an understatement...
O [17:39:41] LHA3563: what was your problem?
O [17:39:50] LHA3563: wow
 [17:39:55] >> hmm
 [17:40:16] >> nice way to f*ck someone up :-)
O [17:40:23] LHA3563: but now it works again?
 [17:40:29] >> barely
 [17:40:31] >> no sound
 [17:40:37] >> and very slowly
O [17:41:11] LHA3563: oh my...this will need a fix in the next version
O [17:41:47] LHA3563: quite sh1tty that it is so easy to bring it to a fall
 [17:42:50] >> This isn't only a fall, you somehow managed to destroy my settings file
 [17:43:43] >> Well..., nvm...
 [17:43:46] >> I'll report the bug
 [17:43:52] >> enjoy the flight
O [17:44:25] LHA3563: i had a map on the keyboard so "," and "enter" on the numpad was pressed all the time, i just thought WTF when i opend the chat
 [17:45:59] >> ok, nvm, I'll try to deal with this, enjoy your flight!

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