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Kendy Mathes 920688

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Kendy Mathes 920688

Dear Pilots,


After one year of hard work, we are proud to announce a program which crosses into a new dimension in the virtual airline world. Never has a program been seen before with so many additional features and advances. ProPilot is the new system which makes the flying and operating of a virtual airline so realistic that the phrase ‘as real as it gets’ more than complies.


The release date is October 17. Here are some pointers for the operational use of ProPilot:


- Dynamic Fleet Timetable. You can only do a flight from an airport where airplanes are stationed. When you lock in your flight, no one else will be able to fly your route at the same time! Also, when you end your flight, your airplane moves from the departure airport to the destination airport


- Airplane crash detection. If you crash an EHM airplane, the system will know and will de-activate that airplane. Complete real-life realism!


- Failures on flights. With a complex probability calculation, every flight that you make can have failures generated by the system. Every time you fly you won’t know if there will be failures or not!


- Penalties. Try to make the flight as professional as you can. If not, you will receive penalties and you flight cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ification will be affected.


- Flight Analysis. Every time you complete a flight you can see the analysis of it. Climbing, cruising and descending graphs, fuel consumption, and other parameters are available for you to analyze and improve your flying!


- Flight Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ification You will have a flight cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ification score for every flight that you make, giving you a Flight Average Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ification that is the average of all of your flight cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ification scores.


- Permanent Fleet state. Airplanes go to maintenance if they have failures, and no one can fly them at that time.


- More than 204 airplanes to fly! With more than 20 models, and more than 200 airplane tail-ids you can make an outstanding career at EuroHarmony!


- P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers waiting on flights. Everyday the system calculates how many p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers are waiting on every flight, and when you select a flight to fly, you load the number of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers for the maximum airplane capacity.


… and there are so many more features that you will discover when you start using the system…


Because you are important to us, our highly professional and friendly management is here with top-notch support and an understandable ProPilot Manual for you. And if you choose, you can exchange experiences with other EHM pilots on our well organized Forum.


There are many more features on our website including hub, route and pilot statistics, an automated picture gallery, stories, contests and much more. We also released a Flight Logger that allows pilots to record their EHM flights automatically. No more calculating fuel consumptions, burnt fuel, cruise altitude, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers and cruise speed on your own! With Flight Logger, you need only some clicks to send your PIREP to Euroharmony and IVAO.


Join Euroharmony today and begin using this amazing new program, ProPilot, and enjoy the reality of flying that a real airline pilot experiences. But, we don’t want to spoil the fun. So, if your airplane crashes, you will always get out of there alive! ï

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