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Congrats to the New VATUSA1!!

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Allow me to first thank the VATUSA Staff for their hard work during this time. They are an extremely cohesive and hard-working staff, and definitely kept operations on the tracks. Also thanks to the ARTCC staffs, from the ATMs all the way down. Training has continued, promotions have been made, and events are taking place. I do apologize again for the unforseen delays.


Your new Director requires no introduction. His credentials and experiences, both real world and VATSIM are vast, and having held the position before, this is nothing new to him.


Please welcome Gary Millsaps back as VATUSA1. I know he'll do a fine job.


Congrats Gary!

Bryan Wollenberg


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looks for Gary's chair and title bar...


Here ya go Gary and Welcome Back


~Oh by the way, My lazy boy at KORD tower is always open to you (its the only lazy boy there) we are supplied a lawn chairs at Towers in ZAU but i bought a lazy boy instead ~


Disclaimer: The joke above in ~ is strictly a inside joke at zau...

ZAU S-2, Major Certified

ZAU S-1 Mentor

(Disclaimer: the post above does not necessarily express the opinion or stance of ZAU or ZAUs training program, this view is made by me and me alone)


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It's one level of commitment for someone to sign up to become VATUSA1 the first time around...but it's entirely different when that person comes back for a 2nd round, knowing precisely what the job will really entail. My hat is off to you for being willing to step back into it during VATUSA's time of need.


Thank you!

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I never thought I'd violate my self-imposed ban of this cesspool of a forum, however when someone pointed this thread out to me, against my better judgment, I decided to make a sniper post.


I've known Gary for a couple years, and that quiet, laid back, pipe smoking demeanor is reminiscent of something out of a Hemmingway novel. Having shared a bottle of scotch (after we ran out of rum & Irish Whiskey) in a sketchy hotel room, I thought I knew the man. I would never have pegged him as someone into s&m, yet asking for seconds of VATUSA1 sure blows that perception out of the water.


Gary, I wish you all the luck in getting this division back on track. With you at the helm, it's restored a tiny fraction of my faith in the system and hopefully you can successfully navigate through all the pixel-politics. Given the amount of scotch you'll consume in this job... when you're ready for the transplant, let me know. I'll donate a lobe, and you won't have to worry, it'll already be broken in for you.


Good luck with the new, old [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment. Honestly couldn't think of anyone with a better head on their shoulders.


BTW, you drink Talisker right? Need to know which stock to invest in.



-Dan Everette


Having the runway in sight just at TDZE + 100 is like Mom, Warm cookies and milk, and Christmas morning, all wrapped into one.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome (back)!


As my old shoes were (thankfully) tossed out by Alex and Andrew, I look forward to working to fulfill the promise they envisioned and the staff and members of VATUSA currently pursue and hold to heart.


Without further adieu, time for me to get to work...for all of you.



Gary Millsaps



"I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me...


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