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Unhandled Exception Error Detected

Loren Kuhnly 1003512

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I have been running 4 monitors on VRC for 3 years with no problem. Wife let me buy 2 flat screens to replace the 2 old CRTs. Now I get the Unhandled Exception error.


I start VRC

Loading sector file error

then U E E D error


Things I tried:

I go back and put in old CRTs and all works fine. Opened up profiles and brought all windows to one screen and saved it. Opened with new monitors and get error.

Updated Dell monitor drivers with no luck.

Tried starting over and reinstall and making new profile with just a couple of windows to 2 monitors and still error.


Windows 7.

Dell XPS machine.


Any help would be GREAT. I need this badly to get back to training.

Loren Kuhnly


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