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ATIS and Voice Problem

Josh Robnolte 845614

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Hi All,


I searched some for this question and didn't find it online yet.


My problem is that I start to receive choppy audio after a short time of being logged in while having a voice ATIS running at the same time. However, if I disconnect the Voice ATIS the pilots audio will no longer be choppy.


This also doesn't happen right away. When I first sign on and start the ATIS it can be running and I receive pilot audio fine. After say 15 to 20 mins (usually after a period of inactivity) is when the pilot audio becomes choppy if the ATIS is also running.


Anyone have ideas on how to fix this?





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Couple of questions:


1)Have you tried changing your sound input/output from direct sound to wave or vice versa?


2)Have you tried updating the drivers on your sound card or chipset?


It sounds like whatever is running your sound is running out of resources as the session goes on. This could be rectified by a driver update or by switching the sound output. If not, you may need to install a cheap sound card to take the load.


Hope this helps.



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