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[Job Opening] Translator for Developing China Division

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Hi all,


As some of you would have seen or heard that there had been rigorous development in the Chinese airspace area. To [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist us with the development, we are seeking Chinese/English translating staff.


The translator/s, as the name suggests, will take care of all the translating work in VATPRC, which includes but not limited to official docomeents, training docomeents, website articles, website contents, forum announcements, forum moderation. The requirements for this position are:



  • Fluent written and spoken English and Chinese (Simplified) skills
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility and perfection
  • Must have Mainland Chinese language education of some kind (I have noticed official docomeents in HK is different from mainland China, although they are both in Chinese, but the choice of words differs between regions)
  • Is willing to strictly follow given guidelines and instructions
  • Can be available most of the time



  • Chinese raised, or raised in China
  • Exposed to the Chinese culture and customs
  • Had previous translating experience
  • Had a translation degree between English and Simplified Chinese


Currently, there are no limits to how many positions we are offering, but keep in mind that we are a non-profitable organisation, therefore this work will be voluntary.

Brendan Chen

VATPRC Tech Support

You make the difference!


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