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POF File Format - Squawkcode Autoassign

Brendan Chen 943434

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Hi all,


I've been faced with a problem. I'm trying to develop a POF file for my area, but I need to configure it such that regardless of the position I'm controlling, I will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the same squawk code, but now the real problem is, the squawk code range varies depending on whether the aircraft is flying within the FIR, or flying between FIRs.


Simple example (I'll be using Chinese airports)

  • Within same FIR: Aircraft A is flying from Xiamen (ZSAM) to Qingdao (ZSQD) will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the squawkcode of between 0730-0757
  • Flying between FIR: Aircraft B is flying from Xiamen (ZSAM) to Beijing (ZBAA) will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned squawk code of between 0150-0177 and 2700-2727


Is there a way to write the POF file such that the case above (and others of similar nature) can be satisfied?





Brendan Chen

VATPRC Tech Support

You make the difference!


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They probably manually [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign them instead of using the auto-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign feature. Or they use a third-party program that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns squawks. (And then manually [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the given squawk within VRC.)

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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