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VRC or Server Problems?

Andreas Kurtztisch 964097

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Hello everybody,


today I tried to logon in VRC to take an session as EDDH-TWR Controller, like yesterday evening. Following Problem occurs:


When setting EDDH_TWR as primary frequency I set the additional hook at HDST as usual, but everytime I do this, e few seconds later the hook disappears.


I try the following:


- change the voice server (there the hook is accepted, and aircraft can hear me, but I can´t hear aircraft, but that´s a known Proplem, as far as I know)

- logoff and logon on another Server

- changing from my computer to my laptop pc


nothing works, so where is an solution?


by the way: I do not change anything in the program since yesterday evening


I appreciate your help








Problem solved, it was the Server!

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