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Function Keys are Not Functioning

Brendan Chen 943434

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Hi all,


I have used VRC for quite some time now, just hasn't exactly been a heavy user/controller, only recently I have came across with problems like these.


When I press the function keys (F keys, eg. F8, F9, F2, INS etc.) I was not able to bring up the text command, for example, usually when I press 'Ins' (insert key), it bring ups '.QS' in the command box, or if I press F8, '.QQ' usually comes up. But now when I press any keys, nothing would work.


The problem goes away when I restart the software.


I'm not the only person having these problems, another controller also had this problem, also an another controller was not able to press any of the F keys while 'Ins' or other keys would work.


Not sure whether it is a bug of the software, or bug on my computer. Although it is not a big issue, but it does exist, so just want to know what might be wrong.




Brendan Chen

VATPRC Tech Support

You make the difference!


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