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LLBG Runway 08/26 Closed

Izik Bakshi 815057

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LLBG runway 08/26 is closed due to WIP, per the following NOTAM:


RWY 08/26 CLSD, DUE RWY DEVELOPMENT WORK. 03 JUN 00:01 2010 UNTIL 01 SEP 23:59

2011. CREATED: 02 MAY 20:53 2010

All SIDs and approaches for runways 08/26 are cancelled.


Runway 12/30 will be primary runway in use. Runway 12 is preferential for all takeoffs and landings unless wind conditions require the use of runway 30.


This NOTAM is in effect until 1 SEP 2011 or further notice.

Izik Bakshi

VATIL Online Day - Just fly!




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