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Trouble connecting to Teamspeak

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I have been trying to connect to the Teamspeak 2 server so that I can chat to you guys and get some help joining the community.


I spoke a bit to David Van Der Byl in another post and he gave me some details but I still am not having any luck. I get the standard message about the server not responding and maybe TS is not running on it....blah blah blah.... I'm sure I'm just typing something wrong.


I wanted to post a screen shot here, but I am not sure how.


This is what I have put in.


Label: Vatsaf

Server Address:

NickName: RowanSeagers

I've left the "server to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign nickname" blank, but I've ticked the Anonymous box.

P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word I've used is vatsaf2007 and then everything below that is blank.


Any ideas anyone, I am keen to get going as soon as possible.




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Although Trent is somewhat correct, we have moved back to teamspeak 2

Teamspeak 3, although running is not utilised.


The error message you are getting is normally [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with connection issues.


Drop me an email at webmaster(at)vatsaf.com and i will get in contact with you and lets see if we can get you working





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