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ACFT displayed out of coordinates

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What type of correlation are you using? Easy Vatsim, Mode-S, Mode-C?


If its not Easy vatsim its likely that the the "track" you're seeing is a flightplan track (i.e an estimate of where ES thinks the actual aircraft is. So the answer would be to correlate the FP track.


A FP track looks like this: RadarTarget-flightplan.jpg


One of the devs may come a long with another solution. I may be wrong!

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Are these within your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned sector? anything outside it is based on the server's updates, which on occasion are dated so they show the aircraft locations incorrectly.

I noticed it last week, everytime the messege showed the downloaded data (controllers/pilots online) the icons shifted backwards almost like they were flying the wrong way. I would log into a different server and see if it fixes the problem.

Marvin Palmer

vZHU Controller

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Marvin, they were in my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned sector. I have made a test yesterday installing VRC and, using same sector designed to ES (just test) and work as well; traffic was appointed in they real location (I have confirmed with pilots). The problem is specific in my ES installation =/


Todor: LoL Nice try but already tryed and no new result



Thanks all.

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