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If the x-Plane FMC is not to your liking, a third-party product is "promoted" at http://www.eadt.eu. I bought it to use with a B767 from a different source, but have not been particularly satisfied (a separate conversation altogether).


You can buy software to run Windows on your Mac. In a virtual environment, I run XP using VMware Fusion to proof web pages in IE and to run virtual ATC software on VATSIM. Very happily. It might run FS just fine. You can also boot the Mac in Windows, which I have not had a need to do. Elsewhere on the BB, there may be a conversation about running FS on the Mac, and comparisons between the two simsulators.


I like x-plane a lot but have no frame of reference for comparison.

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The x737 Project uses the built-in X-Plane FMC (which is more of an overglorified GPS). I find it tolerable, but doesn't do your SIDs/STARs etc.. (have to punch it all in manually).


I use this "default" FMC just fine with the x737 Project. Haven't taken the plunge to get the "real" x737FMC.


For the "ultimate" realist (and one which is "as true as possible"/photorealistic/integrated with the x737 project) to the actual B737 NG FMC, you will need to get the x737UFMC from Javier Cortez at http://eadt.eu/index.php?x737fmc


Regards, and happy flying!


- Chris.

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