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FSX Scenery add ons

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Hi James,

Its been a year but no one replied, so for the sake of others that find this thread...

In FSX you need the meshes (most people use the SRTM stuff, which is pretty darn accurate). I bought a full africa mesh dvd from NMG for FSX, but there are some free stuff too.

I still have the FSX stuff lying in the cupboard since I only work with XPlane now, and ill NEVER go back, so if anyone wants it


To summarise, the land shapes, water, mountains etc, are "meshes", google something like 'srtm mesh fsx'

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There is no need to buy any scenery. The guys from Aeroworx do a fantastic job. You'll find their stuff on Avsim.


Installing more detailed meshes will make Table Mountain look more like Table Mountain. The trouble you may have is with the land cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es putting buildings in the wrong places.


The sad truth is that there is no photo realistic scenery for South Africa irrespective of whether you use FSX or Xplane.

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