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Student Training and Tracking System

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Hey there everyone!


So I was thinking about making a custom web application that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists ARTCCs/FIRs in the tracking of training sessions/scheduling and that sort of thing. Something that will be easy to use, easy to integrate into existing websites and most importantly useful to the ARTCC/FIR.


Is there anyone willing/wanting to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in this? What features would you consider important or useful to aid the individual training departments?


What about a language recommendation? My first instinct was to use Ruby on Rails to develop it, but RoR tends to be a bear to deploy (especially for the non-tech user), so it's probably going to end up being a PHP app because that's about as close to drag-and-drop as you can get.


Key Features:


Ability to log/edit/delete training notes on a per-student basis, including time spent with student

Complete session scheduling system

Logging of various statistics


Ability to easily integrate with existing system (roster/website/etc)

Michael D. Hodge Jr

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I myself am ZAU webmaster and during development of our new site, due to the fact my time span was limited I made an extremely basic version of this principle... I always wanted to make a more advanced one but my time and limits on when I wanted to have the new website up was a limiting factor,


I would be more then happy to help development for this and am available via Skype or MSN... Just private message me and I will send you all my contact details


My recommendations lie with PHP as it is probably the most widely used language for websites, especially in VATSIM


Your key features seem to list it all to me... but of course other people may say that some other features we haven't thought about yet would be extremely helpful as well



Rahul Parkar

"On second thoughts Nappa, catch it, catch it with your teeth" -- Vegeta

Professional Nerd. (Professionally not professional)

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I've sent you a PM. To anyone else who's interested, here is a list of features that we are thinking of implementing. It's a living docomeent for now, but I am interested in any feedback of course.





Michael D. Hodge Jr

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