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Controlling in the UK - HELP!

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I completed my first theory test a while back, joined the south east RTS, recieved an email from Callum Presley the person who is in charge of that RTS. Now I am stuck. The email said nothing, what the hell do I do now? I know I have to complete another test but how do I access it? Help is appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Aydin,


Just for future reference posting on the VATSIM-UK forums will more likely get you a faster answer as the RTS system is specific to VATSIM-UK so most members using these forums won't be able to help.


From the email you received

Observer to Student 1 mentoring takes place on London City (EGLC) and Bournemouth (EGHH) Ground Movement Control as these are the most suitable and quickest positions to learn.

You will need to request mentoring on either EGLC or EGHH and ensure that you put availability into the system so that an Instructor/Mentor can accept your request.

You need to:

1 - log into the RTS system.

2-In the student menu go to the session management section.

3- Enter both a session request and your availability which you will need to be kept up to date otherwise mentors are unable to know when your free.

4- Callum, Ross or myself will accept a session to go through the part 2 training. This will be done shortly but bear in mind currently around 30 OBs in training.


In the meantime browse the forums and read the docomeentation the email points you towards to understand the theory you will be going through and this will speed up your progression.


Welcome to SERTS and VATSIM-UK



VATSIM UK Divisional Instructor

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