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VRC begginer

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I´m a VRC begginer and I dont know how to start it or anything. I have read the quick start guide 100 times but VRC just doesnt work...when I log in everything is fine, but then it says that traffic(airports and aircraft) should appear on the radar(main screen) in get nothing, just black screen. NO AIRPLANES, NO AIRPORTS OR ANYTHING. ANd when I go to CONTROLLERS LIST, there are no controllers available, (I used Eurpoe-C2 server)


PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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first, you need to download the sector file for where you want to control, youll find them at your ARTCC/FIR's website.


second, you need to contact your training instructor or mentor. only they will get your setup and going correctly.


remember you still need training to provide ATC.


if you are a pilot and just want to observe, just visit the website for the area you want to observe and download the sector file. load it then log in. if theres traffic/atc on, youll then be able to see the traffic on the radar and ATC on the ATC list.


important, DO NOT try to contact any pilots when observing


all the servers are linked together, doesnt matter which one you use

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The quick start docs are aimed at experienced controllers who are changing from another type of software. It's not detailed enough for a beginner. What you need is the Observers Guide, which you'll also find on the VRC docomeentation page at http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/docomeentation.shtml



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