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Panic Stations - Adelaide

Steven Brown

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VATPAC Panic Stations is an event where pilots aim to get their wheels down on a nominated runway as close to, but after 1030UTC (8.30pm AEST).


There is a Jet and a Non-Jet winner for each event. You can be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured that the level of Air Traffic Control coverage will be above normal, and being issued holds, speed restrictions, or flight path deviations can be expected.


Next Event - Adelaide


The next Panic Stations event is being conducted at Adelaide (YPAD) on Sunday, 15th August, and as usual the winning pilots will be the one who can successfully land as close to, but after 1030UTC (8.30pm AEST).


PS_OBS will be the judge and record the timings of each aircraft landing for 30min either side of the target time. Time sync is done at 0955 UTC using this source for standardization. The time recorded is the time the aircraft decelerates through 60kts on the roll through on their [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned runway.


No flight bookings are necessary.

Information on Adelaide Airport can be found here.



Visit the Panic Stations Website for more information

Steven Brown

Director of Events & Communications, VATPAC - VATSIM Australia-Pacific

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nice event, thank you.

Unfortunately, my fs went into weekend during the flight... I know there is an Adelaide, but I didn't see her.


An idea for the next one:

if you guys refer to a holding procedure "as published" maybe you could hotlink the charts from your website (not via a different service which needs 1st a research of approx. 4-7 hours to find something appropriate).


Thanks again.



Florian Harms

VATSIM Europe Division / DCRM


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Hi Flo, glad you enjoyed it


The next one is due to be on the gold coast, a date has not yet been set.


With regards to holding could you state what waypoint you were asked to hold at as published, the two waypoint's with published holding from the east into Adelaide are:




Any other waypoint the controller must specify the Inbound course and direction, if you were asked to hold at another way point other than the ones listed above with out holding instructions let me know and i will follow it up.


All Australian charts can be found on the ATC [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist website, http://vatpac.org/[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist/?pg=atc[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist



Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

VATPAC Undercover ATC Agent

Worldflight Perth 737-800 Crew Member


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