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VRC and 7

Matthew Spencer

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For some reason if I tab out of VRC in 7, say, to open up a Firefox window, the sounds stop dead in their tracks and I have to tab back to hear anything (Delayed), and rarely, if ever, get voices.

It seems intermittent. Could it be something to do with UAC and admin privs? It happened a few minutes ago, and also happened the other day.

I hear everything fine if it's the only active window, but for example, this morning, a popup VFR was trying to call me for a few minutes while I was happily reading training logs, my email, and responding to some correspondence. Tabbed back, heard a few clicks, then suddenly I saw all the messages!

I guess I'll try turning off UAC for a bit and see if that fixes it.



Matthew Spencer (SP)

vZBW Training Administrator emeritus


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