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another tool for webmasters - online traffic in XML

Michal Rok

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If you're sick and tired of downloading a 200 kB SI file with all trafic and then combining with booking data to show them too, here's a chance for relief:




This page shows in XML format the following branches of data:

- actual pilots (online in the given sector)

- actual ATCs (same)

- forecasted pilots (from booking or expected future overflights/landings)

- forecasted ATCs (from booking)


The tss/tse line is expected entry/exit (for pilots) or login/logout) for ATCs, in UTC timestamp format.


The service is linked directly to vroute's database and forecasting tools, it's very quick and should be almost as reliable as downloading SI data yourself - without the h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le and with huge traffic savings, because you only download the sector you need.


For those who manage countries with multiple FIRs there's also a possibility to query by country ID, but since the IDs are internal for vroute I have to give you the country ID on request.





vroute.net founder

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Ohh I like this feature! I will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it along to our web extrodionaire(master)


BTW - Michal - the sector for QM FIR - Moncton FIR - on the east coast of Canada has updated slightly. I am wondering if there is a way to update it on vRoute?


Thank you,


Help a newbie!


QM/QX Instructor

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