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El Al and Palestinian Airlines departing together

Aristotelis Marinis 961061

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I'm continuing to develop my prospective Palestinian Airlines Virtual's operations and am climbing to cruising alt from LVGZ to EDDF as I write this.


I noticed an El Al 744 on ServInfo which had taken off right after me from LLBG climbing as well, enroute to KJFK. I'm on UL995 to RDS and Capt. Almog Atar is on UL53, slowly p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing by me at my 9 o'clock, only a few miles away.


I'd like to thank Capt. Atar, not only for the pleasurable experience of climbing together near each other online but also for his warm reply to my friendly chat message.


I may be one of only a few pilots flying out of Gaza right next to you all but today's concurrent takeoff and climb with an El Al B744, it going to America from LLBG, me going to Germany from LVGZ, gave me such a good feeling of acceptance and friendship which I hope we all enjoy together more and more in the future.


Safe landings, everyone.



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