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I fly a lot of Canadian routes and I've been finding that when I go to fly a STAR, I cannot find any of the fixes/waypoints that are supposed to be there. For example, when I get past the last Vortac on the STAR to Saskatoon, the only other points I can find on my radar are the NDB beacons and a bunch of different named fixes that are not on my chart at all. Is there something I need to update to get those fixes to show on my radar? I mean I can do the NDB approach, but I'd much rather fly the STARS like they're meant to be flown


When I fly into Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec, everything shows up on my screen...it just seems to be the "western" cities that I'm having trouble finding/loading waypoints/fixes into my computer.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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The map display isn't a radar per se, though it does combine the functions of TCAS and FMC.


Some fixes are computer fixes that weren't available at the time x-plane was complied. You can update the waypoints here http://data.x-plane.com/get_data.html. Failing the waypoints being in there you can use the LAT/LON feature of the FMC to fly to the point, failing that as well don't use the arrival.

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You can enter fixes, navaids and ILSs in x-plane using Location>Local Map. There are also commercial sources of nav data if you install an FMC that can interface with them. See the topic in this forum, How do us X-Plane users fly SIDs and STARs?

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If you do add more FIXes - Pls send your updates to Robin Peel (http://data.x-plane.com/contact.html) so that they can be included in the next release of the NAV database for all of us to enjoy.


I noticed the same thing around Calgary (CYYC) and Victoria (CYYJ), i.e. FIXes that were on all my STAR arrival plates, but not in X-Plane. I simply added them by hand (using the "local map" and adding new ones in there).


Once you're all done, load a text editor, and find the following file:


/X-Plane/Resources/default data/earth_fix.dat


Look at the end of the file - you'll notice all your additions are placed at the end. Cut-and-paste your entries into an e-mail, and send it to Robin. It'll then be included in the next "official" run.




-----Original Message-----

From: Chris Kawchuk [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2010 12:33 PM

To: Robin Peel

Subject: Additions to earth_fix.dat near CYYC & CYYJ


Added some FIXes around CYYC (Calgary) and CYYJ (Victoria) Based on Nav

Canada's Arrival Charts (RNAV STARs) Release NAD83 2008. (Still accurate).



600 version

51.213501 -114.275833 ARBUC

51.285500 -114.209503 KELMA

51.173000 -113.859169 WISKI

51.098999 -113.695503 PENDL

51.023167 -114.278664 VITEM

51.103333 -114.221169 ADSEK

51.141335 -114.341667 DURAD

51.313332 -114.153999 UBTON

50.954666 -113.827003 TEXIT

51.019665 -114.021332 DUPLU

51.209499 -113.973503 GOSOM

51.313168 -113.888336 VOBAR

51.198166 -113.888336 KEPTU

51.031834 -113.885498 ONDIR

51.184334 -113.500504 SENKO

48.805000 -123.754997 IRKON

48.720833 -123.802330 BRANY

48.785000 -123.775002 KELKU

48.666332 -123.131668 OBSOP

48.706665 -123.370003 MIROL



This way, we can all benefit! =)


- CK.

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