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I'd like to make a request.

In the next release of ES, could you please correct the .sline function in order to retrieve the coordinates in the correct format?

I constantly get this kind of format, which is ok for ES, but it's just making me nervous :




where 0 is any number





where 0 is any number and 60 is 60.



Also, not to open another topic, could you please arrange for ES to be able to read the coordinates where the longitude (or latitude) is E000.00.00.000 (where 0 is zero).

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I am really sorry for not reply recently. But I just run out of time ...


I never realized that the leading 0-s are missing from the strings generated by ES. I checked the code and the format string there was correct. It seems that Microsoft interprets the format description differently when I have decimal number and when I do not have them. Strange. Nevertheless I changed the code to avoid this bug.


What is the wrong with E000.00.00.000? I loaded it correctly as VOR position. Where can not you use it?


EuroScope developer

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Sorry for not explaining this in detail...

The problem with E000.00.00.000 was found in the .sct file for the lines in the [ARTCC] section (or maybe [ARTCC HIGH], not sure now; it may even be both, or even in [ARTCC LOW]).


For example:

F          N073.00.00.000 E000.00.00.000 N073.00.00.000 W020.00.00.000

ES doesn't show this line.


A temporary fix to this problem is to change all "E000.00.00.000" into "E000.00.00.001".

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