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VATCAR Website Outage ** Updated 9/29/2010

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Unfortunately due to ongoing issues with scripts being continuously exploited on various VATCAR FIR sites, our hosting provider has shut down our account. We are working diligently to get our sites back up and running on a new provider and expect service to be restored in the next 48-72 hours. All email access to VATCAR Staff is also currently down. Please check back for updates as I will post them as soon as things change.


9/29/2010 - Due to the generous efforts of Eric Guzman (VATCAR5) we have our data transferred to a new location and are in the process of restoring services. VATCAR forums are back online (http://www.vatcar.org/forum . The VATCAR.ORG site is also accessable through http://www.vatcar.org/website We continue to restore the FIR websites. Additional updates will be posted once more progress has been made.

Steve Good

Former VATCAR Director 2008-2011


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