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Application for vACC Malta Webmaster

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Dear All,


With Cillian's departure as Acting Webmaster, I am opening the floor to application for this post within the vACC.


Malta is a small and developing vACC within VATEUD and, is currently part of the "Open Skies" initiative which, is attracting more and more attention as of late.


Successful applicants will be competent with webcoding and design and should have enough free time to delegate to creating and maintaining the website on a day-to-day basis.


There is currently a template in the format of Joomla which, with Cillian's permission could be used - applicants are not limited to Joomla.


What is needed is a home/welcome page, a controllers' page, a pilots' page, a docomeents page, a tab to the forum, the usual admin. pages, a feedback page and, an events and PR page.


There is a donated URL and hosting along with an IPB forum which is to be integrated with the website.


Applicants should not have had any "major" disciplinary action(s) taken against them in the past six to twelve months (i.e. a network suspension in excess of 48HRS).


All applicants will be considered on an individual basis and ATC rating is irrelevant.


If possible, applicants may wish to show their current, and/or previous work.


If you are interested, please contact me using: [email protected]


Thanks, and good luck to all.

Daniel Eamon Brennan - C3

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