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[Job Opening] Nepal FIR Events Coordinator (VNSM EC)

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Kathmandu FIR is expanding its staff with the addition of an Events Coordinator position, and more soon. Please send applications to [email protected] .



-VATSIM S1 Controller or Higher

-Knowledge of image editing software (Photoshop, etc)

-Willing to join and become a VERY active member at the Nepal FIR.




-Create many new and creative events at the VNSM FIR

-Report to the Facility Leads with new ideas and final pre production draft to be approved by VNSM and VATASIA

-Advertise and communicate to many VAs and forums to attract as much traffic as possible


This will be open for anyone interested.


When position is filled, applications will be cancelled.


NOTE: The position will not require you to transfer, the title will be the "Visiting Events Co-ordinator" and will be a visiting staff member/controller.


Looking forward to your applications.





[email protected]


Michael Corcoran

Nepal FIR Facility Lead

Michael Corcoran - C1

Denver ARTCC

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