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VRC clock display problem in windows XP

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Hum.........i cannot see the reminder lights which are on the topleft and the clock which should be above the callsign, but i can see my callsign. All the settings are correct.


I am using a laptop with windows XP SP3

However, this problem does not exist in win7.


Who can tell me why and how to solve it? Otherwise i have to stop my ATC study because of this problem.


Many thanks

Sheng Liu

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Go to Settings ---> General ---> Button Bar ---> and enable "Show Reminders Button" button and then click ok. That shoudl bring it up. If you can see your callsign but not the clock, check that your computers time and timezone is set correctly.



Oh....it didn't work. Which timezone should be selected for displaying properly?Everytime i changed the setting, VRC said "Error loaing alias file!"


Many thanks!

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