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Please be advised that the New York ARTCC website and database will be down until further notice. New York ARTCC suffered an attack from a hacker and we working to implement the backups. Please be patient and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Nicola Felini

Vice President | Conflict Resolution


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This incident is under a comprehensive investigation by ARTCC, VATUSA Division and VATSIM staff personnel. No discussion of the incident will be entered into here by the involved staff members until it is deemed appropriate to do so.



Gary Millsaps



"I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me...


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To those speculating, be aware that there are also a lot of automated scripts that wander the web wreaking havoc with sites that may have one or more security issues. I've dealt with this in the real world and you'd be amazed at what some of those scripts can do to some sites. It may not be a particular person with a grudge, but just a random attack by a script bot.


Best of luck getting your site back up gentlemen.

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