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** Festival of Lights ** Real OPS 05/12/10

Shireto Shahar 978029

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The Israeli Division of VATSIM - VATIL, is proud to present our anual "Real OPS" event, "Festival of Lights" !



The event will take place on Sunday, December 5th, from 0300UTC until 2200UTC (19 hours of Full ATC over Ben Gurion Airport!).

Like our previous Real Ops events, the main idea of the event is to simulate the real operations of Ben-Gurion International Airport (LLBG).

Our secondary goal is to allow our controllers and participating pilots to gain experience and increase their skills as they navigate the familiar routes in a flight environment that is as close to real life as flight simulation can offer.


In this particular event we will simulate Ben Gurion Airport. During these 19 hours we'll have over 150 flights you can choose and, NON


STOP ATC service will be provided.




A special flight booking system was designed for this event, to book a flight please click here:



Special Event Video-





Would appreciate if you could advertise our event in your division, and invite all of your pilots to take a part in our event



Thanks and hope to see you airborne,


David Ben-David VATIL 5 - Events Coordinator - [email protected]

Shahar Shireto VATIL 6 - External PR Manager - [email protected]

Shahar Shireto - VATIL6

External Public Relation manager


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