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[ Des 11th 1400z - 1600z ] A TRIBUTE TO OUR ARMED FORCES..

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VATIND feels proud and elated to organize a small event to pay homage to our armed forces...

The Indian Armed forces are comprised of the Army , Navy and Airforce.The soldiers of Indian Army stand guard on land , the sailors of Navy protect our maritime [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets ,whereas the Airforce pilots let us sleep comfortably while guarding our skies...

Soldiers sacrifice their own well bieng and luxuries, just for us....and what do we do in return ??? hardly , anything...The unknown soldier stands guard 24*7 protecting the motherland and her [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets .He is the one who faces harsh terrain and grievous conditions , but still without any complaints , he stands as a rock ready to die any moment as a martyr...

...during war we remember god and our soldiers...post war soldiers are forgotten..

So let us unite together and take part in this small tribute to them who sacrifice their lives for a stranger...and do you know who that stranger is.???It's U

Let us do what we can...

On the 11th December , VATIND will fully staff the ATC of Chandigarh AB (VICG) and Delhi(VIDP), all flights are welcome into and out of VICG and VIDP.

Preferred routes are VIDP to VICG and VICG to VIDP.!!


scenery&charts - http://www.vatind.net


Thank you

Rajkoti Reddy (1098833)

Former Division Director VATIND





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