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Problems with El-Al Virtual Airline

Nadav Syon 1171045

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Hey guys,


I have just joined ELAL Virtual. Yesterday I approved the 737 & 747 exams. First, I tried to find where I can download the VA's airplanes. I didn't found anything. Then, I decided to use first the default 737-800 of FSX.


I downloaded FSACARS with EL AL INI configuration file. I booked a flight in the site: LLBG to LLET, 11:00, 10/12/2010, Boeing 737-800, Registration code and more. Then I started FSX with 737 (default one), Callsign the same as filed, LLBG, 11:00. Spawned at a gate and parked with parking brakes.


THEN, opened FSACARS as administrator and it asked "Plane at departure airport?", I clicked Yes for sure.After 2 seconds it said "FS crash, resume log?" or something like that. Many times tried to click "Yes" and many times "No". but it came back more and more.


I really don't know what's the problem, and I can't send an E-mail to them - [email protected] because, I don't know why, Gmail didn't found this address.


Waiting for help to do something with this problem, and to answers, Where can I find and download the VA's airplanes?? Maybe It's because I'm using Windows 7?


Thank you a lot, Nadav Syon

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First of all, the staff members of EL AL virtual are away on required military duty for Israeli army.


Second of all, EL AL virtual is set on automatic and everything is working well with many pilots flying on FSCARS without problems.


Third of all, as for fleet use, you can use any of thousands of EL AL liveries of thousands of EL AL planes from www.avsim.net or www.flightsim.com.


Fourth of all, there is active forum that you can address any technical problem to. Go to www.vatil.org.il and register with them then post your questions there as there are many EL AL VA pilots there who will help you!!!


You will find zillions of answers in that www.vatil.org.il forums.



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