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Pilot invitation - EYVI, Vilnius, Lithuania

Arunas Stankevicius 843737

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Dear All,


I would like, to invite you, to participate in a CPT for C1 in Lithuania, this Sunday, 13 November 2005.


The CPT will be held at EYVI - Vilnius and will begin at 19:00Z (20:00 CET). Duration approx. 2 hours.


Candidate: Arunas Stankevicius (VACC-Lithuania)

Examiner: Michal Rok (VACC- Poland)



Flightplans (EUroute):


Inbound EYVI: http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?dep=%&arr=EYVI

Outbound EYVI: http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?dep=EYVI&arr=%



Procedures, Charts and Scenery:


Lithuania VACC: http://www.lt-vacc.org/



This CPT, is one of the final steps in making VACC-Lithuania an official VACC, so please....


Come fly... and have fun.


There will be no sign-up for this CPT, but if you plan to fly, I would like a short mail, stating departure and arrival ICAO or prebooking in Eurobook system just to get an idea of the number of pilots.



Kind Regards

Arunas Stankevicius


[email protected]

Best regards



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