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VRC working on Ubuntu 10.10

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Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my computer, had the nice realization that EVERYTHING on my pc worked right out of the box, my graphics card, my sound, even my netgear wireless adapter (most surprising). Thought i'd test my luck and install VRC through wine, sure enough, it worked. And I mean everything worked, voice, text, graphic, everything.




Pair this up with TS3, and X plane 9, and you got an awesome Aviation combo.

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Wow. That's amazing, I will private message you soon for some config tips. I've been attempting on every new version of wine until recently as I love my Linux config.


Good work, submit a report on winehq.net for me and I'll approve it as well just in case anybody goes there.



Rahul Parkar

"On second thoughts Nappa, catch it, catch it with your teeth" -- Vegeta

Professional Nerd. (Professionally not professional)

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