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VRC volume very quiet vs the rest

Ryan Butterworth 1037842

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What I've had to do, to facilitate VATSIM comms, is make sure my windows system volume is at MAX for both my headset and my speakers. Then, I adjust all other program volume DOWN to make it bearable in the headset (the speakers I just adjust with the volume knob).


Even with this setup, I have to keep VRC volume up to 90-100% to adequately hear a lot of folks. This probably has more to do with inconsistent microphone settings on the pilot's part.


So windows system vol = always at max


VRC/Teamspeak/FSX = Adjust volume down as needed.


After all this, some pilots are still really quiet, advise them to adjust their microphone settings.


Do yourself a favor though, if you have the ability to set output to headset or speaker, put the VRC sounds in the speaker. They'll be WAY TOO LOUD with these volume settings if they're coming through your headset. If you don't have this ability, I recommend disabling VRC sounds. You'll deafen yourself otherwise.

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I remember that Ross did make a mod version of VRC which allowed it to go up to 200%, I'll look around and see if I can find it on my hard drive or maybe Ross still has a copy of the exe file which he can post up?



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