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First place to look is in your Sectorfile Extension (.ese) and go down to the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned area of control.

Example: ESE_Files_Description








and just add the runway you want active:





This way every time you logon to the nerwork that will be the active (which you can change while in ES).

Marvin Palmer

vZHU Controller

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I'm using a common sector2 file that is commonly used with VRC.
Just one more thing ... if you are using a VRC sector file without ESE file, that won't sufficient for a proper EuroScope setup. You need an SCT/ESE combination. If you already created an ESE to your SCT, make sure you make those small adjustments to the SCT.

Stephan Boerner

VATEUD - ATC Training Director

EuroScope Board of Designers | GVCCS Beta Tester


EuroScope Quick Start Guide

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