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Differing FS and Vatsim Data

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I seem to have a strange problem.


When I fly at cruise level and set my altimeter to standard pressure (1013 mb) I am seen correctly by the Vatsim servers at that level. As soon as I set this to regional QNH (say 1034) the information coming from the Vatsim server shows differently from my FS instrument panel. It reads as if I still had 1013mb set. So Vatsim controllers are seeing me at altitudes of around 500 ft less than my FS is showing me.


The problem caused considerable anxiety for me and the Heathrow controller yesterday who also was reading that my heading had "rolled out" well short of intercepting the localiser when infact I had used my Approach mode button on the Airbus to ensure a smooth capture of the ILS. Whether this problem is related to the altimeter setting problem I am unsure as it could just have been a server "stutter" at a busy time. Either way it makes life stressful for all involved.


I have FSX on Vista Ultimate with no weather add ons and using the default A321 panel.


I haven't had this problem (that I know of) before and recently revived my Vatsim flying using Squawkbox rather the FS Inn which was a little too much for my system. Could this be the problem?


All [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance gratefully received.

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what youre describing is exactly how the altimeter works. it corrects your gauge for the change in pressure



servinfo reads true altitude, not what your gauge has corrected for. if you press shift + Z youll see your true altitude.


ATC clients are supposed to automatically correct for the change in pressure. its possible you were given the wrong QNH. to be sure, you can always press B and itll adjust to whatever the actual QNH is in your sim.


your heading issue, sounds like gauge drift, check your key commands, theres a key to correct it, i use V.

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