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New Virtual Airline

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Hi Etienne


Let me have some of your routes, and we can do some events on those routes, promoting your VA as well as non VATSAF pilots in your VA for exposure to our airspace. Mail me events at VATSAF.com


We have this type of agreement with SAAv and CyberAir.


Goodluck with your venture


George J


George J Leonard



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Is it possible to add a contact me page so I can send my staff in to perhaps add you to our VA partner section on our Division website and provide a means for event notifications for your pilots? If not, please PM me and I will talk to you

Best Regards,

Thomas Mathieu

VATAME1 Region Director

VATSIM Africa Middle East


[email protected]


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Hello Again Everyone,


I do have to apologize, I neglected to come and check up again after my post, been away for some time( work related ).


Ok, So here we go, we operate the following airlines,




Velvet Sky

1 Time


Then on the international side of things, we operate

Cayman Airways

Windward Island airways

Air Tahiti

Yeti Airlines

Hageland Aviation services


In addition to all these we have the Fly Africa Virtual Charter flights, all over the world.


Ill email the routes ASAP. there is about 140 of them, most in South Africa and Africa


Thanks for all the support!

Im looking forward to work with everyone at Vatsaf!

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