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[Mar 4 0200z-0330z] Alex Watkins CYVR_APP OTS

Jordan Krushen 1135174

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Tonight, Thursday March 3rd, from 6:00PM PST to 7:30PM PST (Mar. 4, 0200z-0330z), Alex Watkins will be taking his over the shoulder exam to be checked out on Vancouver Terminal. CZVR will try to staff as many airports and positions as we can in the Lower Mainland / Vancouver terminal control area, and invite everyone to show up and give Alex some traffic, as well as our new controllers who will hopefully be staffing positions scattered around the area.


VFR or IFR, props, jets or helicopters, flights to/from Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Boundary Bay, Nanaimo, Langley, Bellingham, and anywhere else in the area are all welcome, as always.

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