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ZAB seeks a training administrator

Brian Pryor 810138

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Brian Pryor 810138

The Albuquerque ARTCC (vZAB) is currently seeking a Training Administrator (I-3) who will lead the instructor and their [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istants (Live Monitors, Approved Mentors).



The Training Administrator provides direction for training operations at the Albuquerque Virtual Air Route Traffic Control Center. In addition they work closely with a staff of instructors, live monitors, and approved mentors. This position reports to the Air Traffic Manager and VATUSA Training Administrator. Instruction and testing of students is required as part of this position.


Essential Functions:

40% - Work with a student in learning air traffic control procedures, both general and local, in theory, a training server, or live-network environment

30% - Work with training and continually evaluating instructional staff (INS, LM's, AM's) to ZAB standards.

10% - Docomeent training sessions using web based tracking system

10% - Evaluate students for promotion using VATSIM, VATUSA, and ZAB policies/procedures

5% - Provide additional/advanced training as directed by the Training Administrator, ATM or DATM

5% - Work with ARTCC management on other tasks as requested


Required Skills/Attributes:

* Must be an active member of the network in good standing with a clean history

* Currently hold a rating of Controller (C1) or higher

* Capable of working well in a team-oriented environment

* Strong knowledge of United States and VATSIM ATC system

* Good working knowledge of FAA Order 7110.65

* Must be able to succeed in a team environment

* Must have excellent written and oral communication skills

* Able to work with students and peers in a calm and respectful manner, including some students which may prove to be difficult

* Training vision must be compatible with the current ZAB ARTCC's vision for training.


Desired Skills/Attributes:

* Teaching/Education experience (on or off VATSIM).

* Leadership, managerial, or supervisory experience.

* Prior Staff, Mentor or Instructor experience.

* Real world aviation experience.


Time Commitment: Should be able to conduct at least 3 training sessions per month (average training session is 1-2 hours), and provide support to students via forums/email. Handle e-mail and reporting (1-2 hours per week).


Applicants should provide a brief letter of application and at least one letter of recommendation. Letter of application should include:

1. Name:


3. Current ARTCC:

4. Rating Currently Held:

5. Current or former Mentor/Instructor experience:

6. List any previous staff experience:

6. Brief discussion of how the position requirements are met:

7. Brief discussion explaining how and why you think you would be a good Training Admin at vZAB:

8. Outline your vision of training at Albuquerque, be detailed.


Candidates from outside the Albuquerque ARTCC should include a letter of recommendation from an staff member,instructor, or training administrator in their current facility.


Applications or questions should be submitted to Brian Pryor, ZAB ATM - [email protected] and to David Rodriguez - [email protected]


This position has no closing date, it will remain open until filled.

Brian Pryor - (810138)

Vice President Marketing & Communications (VATGOV10)


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