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Sudden Loss of Sound - MS Windows 7

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I've a jack connection headset which I bought to replace an old one which was on its way out which I suspected was causing this problem.


This problem can occur at any time and requires a shut down of all programs running. The problem is a sudden loss of sound which is remedied by closing down all running programs and applications and unplugging the headset and then plugging it back in again.


I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this before and if they could suggest a remedy?


MS Windows 7 64-bit.


The rest of the important specs. are in the banner below in my sig.



Daniel Eamon Brennan - C3

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Question, Daniel.


Only thing I'm not seeing mentioned in your setup is your video card. Which one are you using?




The doomed NVIDIA GTX 470.


That's what I was thinking..


Could it be that the HDMI Audio driver was also installed when you installed the drivers for your card? If so, you could try removing those, and see what you get. They are probably conflicting with the sound drivers you have (which were probably already working fine, and I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the headset is not a USB device).



Brad Littlejohn

ZLA Senior Controller


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