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Hi All,


I'm in a moment of sheer frustration. All of my payware airports have white boxes appearing around them. I have narrowed this down to being a missing tree texture. I have installed Trees_v3 and Nova but to no effect. I'm at my wits end and really not looking forward to the possibility of re-intalling fs9 and hundreds of payware add-ons.


Anyone had any experience?



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Two options except for locate the real issue A, B are.



1. Copy all the fs9 files to a backup folder.

2. re-install fs9.

3. Copy backupfiles back to the new re-installed fs9.

Things can in many way be the same as your current fs9, but there are no warranty and some addon may require to re-install.



1. Install a fresh fs9 at a new location

2. copy the fresh fs9 to your current fs9 with option overwrite none (notice Windows Explorer do not support overwrite none option and you must use a third part e.g. WinReg at http://hem.p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]agen.se/lvedin/dk/freeware ).

This option is more safe then A since you only add possible missing files, but also it may not help if some current relevant fs9 file is corrupt/fail.



After fix your system anyhow, I could recommend some drive backup system, especially when you consider worry to re-install all. I use free "driveimage xml" and have successfully restore my FS disk complete.

/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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