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VRC Speeds Up Windows in VMWare fusion!

Karl Mathias Moberg

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Karl Mathias Moberg

Ok, so this is probably the strangest thing, I have EVER experienced in a computer. So I'm trying to set up Windows 7 in a virtual machine, and it's working great... Until I launch VRC! Then strange things keeps happening. The audio in everything was really, really choppy, so I decided to quit everything, and start a long video. Found a good one, and started looking for what could be wrong. Now, about 5-6 seconds after I launch VRC the video speeds up! I know this sounds insane, but it is what happens. Speeds up to around 2x speed. Then when I quit VRC, it slows down again. I start it again, it speeds up, I quit. It slows down. I have now done this at random intervals to check that it is just pure coincidence but it is VRC who does something.


The problem with this is that when this happens, since it is speed up, the sound drops a "frame" or two every second, and this makes audio from pilots very hard to understand... I know that there are many people who run VRC in Fusion, and I'm wondering, what on earth is going on?


EDIT: Also, this happens when I LAUNCH VRC. This includes the profile picker!


EDIT2: Actually, I installed Euroscope and that has the same effect... Some serious strangeness here somewhere... (And it is ONLY these two programs that does it. Would be fun to install FS9 and Squawkbox to see if that has the same effect...)


Karl Mathias Moberg (KM) - C3/I1
ZNY Air Traffic Manager

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