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VATSIM, XPlane and VFR Dead Reckoning. What can I expect?

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I imagine this should be a cross-post between the X-Plane site forums and VATSIM forum. Any advice appreciated.


I'm trying to practice RW VFR Dead Reckoning techniques in XP, in "my" Cessna 172SP. I exclusively fly online using VATSIM for the ATC and the real-time weather conditions.


My question is, exactly what can I rely on VATSIM --and XP(9) to provide in terms of the factors I would use to calculate my flight path, winds aloft, magnetic variation, etc.? I know VATSIM provides METAR-based weather for XP online, but does it include winds aloft? Is magnetic variation and comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] deviation included?


I enjoy trying to calculate wind correction angles and comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] heading to plan my XP flights. Just want to know if these will work accurately from the RW calculations (and with using an E6B.)

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